Huscija 21 incoming


Although ‘media trend analysts’ may tell you differently, the soothing sound of DVD duplicators still echoes loudly in industrial estates and back-bedrooms around the globe — and as multinationals and conglomerates turn to flash-in-the-pan viral videos to appease potential investors, 2017 is looking to be yet another banner year for underground movements captured on humble Digital Versatile Disc.

Hot on the well-worn heels of last year’s Huscija 20, Croatia’s Lord Leopold has once again submersed himself in the editing suite to bring you another harsh circular slab of East European nightlife — aptly titled Huscija 21.

When pressed for a comment, here’s what the Don Dada had to say on the matter…

“The next video will be made in the usual Huscija style. The biggest difference is there won’t be full circle fisheye and that’s the thing I’m the most happy about haha. People will finally get to enjoy the picture as they should.

We will have been filming for it for 12 months as we always do… it always takes a year for a new DVD ever since we got the VX. There will be some English footage with an all London part. And of course pony bikes are included since I rode them for months now… I broke my pony so I have to fix it now… the cranks cracked hahaha.

For the premiere we’re making a street jam on that day, then the premiere in the evening and the old school hip hop afterparty at night… hopefully it all goes good — I’ll give it a little speech.”

Check the trailer/teaser/promo below…

Photo by Kromo.

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