Flukelife: Issue 2


As Matthew Broderick famously pointed out, life moves pretty fast. So fast in fact, that it only seems like a couple of months ago that Addy etched three years’ worth of Liverpool riding onto disk for the second Flukelife production.

Now… nearly two years since it’s release, it’s been uploaded to the internet — allowing those who foolishly ditched their DVD player to witness nearly half an hour of rythymic riding from Glover, Minney, Roper and co.


Interview: Chris Reyes

photo 5

Riders and skaters getting into ‘street photography’ is nothing new. Anyone who’s crammed a hand-me-down SLR into a Jansport in a bid to document dope manoeuvres will have, at some point, tried their hand at snapping candid shots of pigeons, run-down shop fronts and pissed-up vagabonds with no teeth.

But snapping a photo of a complete stranger is a fair bit dodgier than getting a picture of your mate doing a wallride — so not many get beyond shooting sneaky Bart Simpson spy-cam shots approximately 50 feet away from the back of someone’s head.

One rider who bucks the trend is New Jersey mix-section master Chris Reyes, who ditches the usual low-end social commentary in favour of up-front portraits that are actually in focus.

Here’s an interview with him about photography, his new zine and the time he tried to eat 24 hamburgers…

Camera portrait by Jake Heid, riding photos courtesy of Evan Nutt, street photos by Reyes. Interview by Sam. Continue reading

Interview: Dan Price

dan price sign hop

Enemy of alarm clocks… friend of the animals… rider of walls… a mystic street-sage, honed during the dark ages of riding. After a self-imposed exile in his Hastings hermitage, the man known as Dan Price has returned to spread the word of back-tyre bonkery and sharp-edged samurai style.

Here’s an interview with him about riding, the early days and the endless quest for truth.

Thanks to Dan Jukes for the modern day photographs, and thanks to Tim Goldie and whoever else took the old photos.
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Videodrome – Nick Ferreira


These days pretty much every fleeting moment ever captured on video, DV tape or 16GB Sandisk memory card is available for all to see via the democratic visual medium of Youtube (or Vimeo, if you’re a bit snootier).

Whilst this is obviously a good thing, finding anything actually decent to watch can be a bit of a struggle.

So in an effort to separate the wheat from the digital chaff, here’s the first of what may or may not be a semi-regular feature, in which people explain a few visual gems they’re into.

Up first, Chicago-based wallride roaster and Challenger editor-in-chief Nick Ferreira…

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What Goes On 1.5

Nearly a decade since Ratkid’s free jazz classic What Goes On was first encoded to DVD-R – here’s a sequel. Just over 3 minutes two-wheeled expression filmed in at least three continents, featuring motions from such names as King Hamilton, Bobby $kerbz and Chris Reyes.

In an age where even a two minute video gets a trailer, a teaser and a behind-the-scenes making-of documentary – the humble art of just throwing something onto vimeo when it’s done should not be forgotten.

In related news, the new Skapegoat video should be landing up at Central Library in the next week or so. Keep an ear to the tracks and an eye to the sky.