Videodrome – Nick Ferreira


These days pretty much every fleeting moment ever captured on video, DV tape or 16GB Sandisk memory card is available for all to see via the democratic visual medium of Youtube (or Vimeo, if you’re a bit snootier).

Whilst this is obviously a good thing, finding anything actually decent to watch can be a bit of a struggle.

So in an effort to separate the wheat from the digital chaff, here’s the first of what may or may not be a semi-regular feature, in which people explain a few visual gems they’re into.

Up first, Chicago-based wallride roaster and Challenger editor-in-chief Nick Ferreira…

Lance Palko – Satan Tree Ride – Bushnell Tanks – Skunk Bros 2012 – BMX

I can’t remember when I saw this – Lance might have sent it to me or I stumbled on it  – but either way, it’s a classic. I think it’s a campsite and the video description seems to indicate that “Lance Palko rides the ET Knuckle at Bushnell Tanks after an all nighter with no sleep.”

I think that means Lance just crushes a flawless tree ride/pocket air to some loose dirt – apparently the E.T. Knuckle. Anyway, I love hearing/seeing people get psyched in a clip and this is such a weird/creative move. I’ve rewatched this too many times

Pat Miller’s section from Scum Clothing’s Lights Out

This part isn’t some sort of bible to me but more so something that I was reminded of recently with Snakebite uploading this. I watched 1201 and Lights Out a lot as a kid. It was all basically street and trails, which I of course enjoy, but I loved the vert clips in here.

Pat Miller knocks out some flawless vert turndowns on a punk plywood backyard ramp and the clip of his curb tabletop is A+ material. Louisville is a magical place.

Albert St. 2:54 – 5:00

There’s a lot to say about Albert St., the FBM classic, but what I most vividly remember is this section with the Integrity song “Darkness.” This section has big name pros mixed with FBM all stars and is cut fast to match the onslaught of the metallic Cleveland HC.

The idea of everyone riding together, whether you’re a dirtbag BMXer trimming weed for cash or a doctor riding with your boys on the days off, is something I think still sticks with me today. Plus the slo-mo clip of Rob-O snapping a table at 7-11 (I think it’s 7-11 anyway) with the breakdown is pretty perfect.


I don’t know anything about motorcycles, but I love this video. My friend made me watch it one night by telling me how great it was and usually that’s a recipe for being letdown, but not this time. The speed and intensity is represented pretty well and I probably got some sweaty palms my first time viewing this. I can’t believe people race motorcyles.

This is a good one to crack a beer or two with your friends and leave on as background noise.


Clearly made by a 15 year old genius as evidenced by the vast amount of sophomoric animal sex humor/references, but nonetheless this is a classic in the genre of fan created music videos.

I love that they probably have a good grasp on weird subcultures like competitive tractor driving and tuned backyard grills. Also, an absolute banger from that special time of Wayne’s very prolific output.

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