Videodrome – Steven Hamilton


It might sound a bit naff, but it’s always interesting to hear what inspired the people who went on to inspire people.

What music did Prince listen to? What books did Faulkner read? Or, on a slightly more relevant subject for this here website, what riding videos did Steven Hamilton watch when he was young?

Whether he’s leaping over sizeable suburban chasms, forging forth into unknown front-wheel-based territory, or just cruising down the street in a crisp pair of shell-toes, Steven Hamilton has always seemingly excavated from an expansive quarry of influences.

With all this in mind, Central Library hassled Steven for thoughts on a few videos he was into in his formative years…

Luc-E in Domination.

Possibly already on it’s way to becoming the next obligatory mention you’re gonna get sick of hearing about (a la ‘Brian Castillo’s part in BMX Inferno changed my life’), and yes every part in this vid should make this list, but something about Luc-E in black and white riding to The Doors catapults an already mythical creature into the dark crevices of our dreams.

Mike Ardelean in Nowhere Fast.

When I think of kick-flips, I think of Luc-E, even though it might be a Mike Griffin original. Not sure. But Ardelean does it with a different technique. Super clean style executed in a confident manor. Clap your hands to what he’s doing.

Derek Girard in All Time Low.

Are you relaxed when you ride? Probably not as relaxed as Derek Girard. No one makes a bar-spin look better.

Rob Nolli in Face Value.

This is another video where every part is a classic. And talk about a soundtrack that will get you hyped to go ride. Rob Nolli’s part does exactly that. Underlying skill and ability, all the while original and having fun doing it.

Nate Hanson in DK Damn Kids.

Rides it all and looks cool as fuck doing it. Flat, vert, street, park and dirt. A certain mystique with the music makes you wonder “was he actually in Led Zeppelin too?”

Read an interview with Steven Hamilton here.

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