Monthly Web Scour #2


With April nearly over, here’s a few alright bits from across the wild frontier of the world-wide web. Tom O’Boyle fence-carve photo by Wozzy (as seen in this quick phone video that’s worth a watch).

First off, here’s a quick promo for the new Skapegoat video with appearances from Lino, Clarky, Edwin and Bob himself. On a side-note, are trailer run-times decreasing to comply with Instagram’s 60-second limit?

Plenty of picturesque wooden houses and back-alley rust in this new one from 90 East Connecticut-connection Sam Jones.

On the subject of 90 East, here’s an interview that Lino did with two hardened DVD hoarders.

Sitting down to watch a twenty minute Federal video might sound comparable to Chinese water torture – but this Epicly Later’d-esque King Hamilton vid is alright. This shorter video is decent too.

Seeing as we’ve just got a few copies of AMPM3 and Joey Piazza’s pre-AMPM video, Prototype, here’s one that a few people might not have seen. Various unused footage from 2008 until 2012 featuring clips from the usual suspects. Those Chris Johnsson clips are really something.

Not really sure what’s going on here, but if you can handle it then there’s a few decent Fathead clips hidden in this touring car video.

And finally, Snakebite have been uploading the parts from an old Dirt Bros video from 1994. Can’t really relate to anyone riding dusty drainage ditches in blazing sunshine, but there’s some pretty dope late-night flatland sessions, bold peg-pioneering and Primus-style attire in this Manuel De La Cruz part. Good song for all the Egyptians in the audience too… was Josh Stewart a secret Dirt Bros fan?

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