Sporadic Web Trawl #12

Seeing as the weather has been dire lately here’s a brief round-up of internet-based juicage to remind the mind that dry pavements do exist somewhere.

First off, Big Jimmie Nezza’s 2010 gem Grey Haven is now online courtesy of the visual archivists at BMXMDB. Hard to believe that it’s taken 11 years for someone to get this onto the net, but apparently so. Anyway, it’s a true industrial symphony that deserves countless repeat viewings.

In more ‘videos that were once only on disk and are now viewable via the internet’ news—you may now watch Tyler Rembold’s Call Somebody and Bob Randel’s SF video Percept from 2017 without digging out that Hitachi DVD player.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Conor Bedford (who’s smithing that sheet of metal in the above photo) rode quite fast over a variety of British surfaces and Tim Evans had the foresight to film it.

Paralell is a tasteful bit of ‘Brits abroad’ action courtesy of Infamous and the glorious streets of Barcelona.

Here’s some more mathematically perfect street riding courtesy of the main-man Lord Leopold. And whilst we’re on the continent, here’s Bartek Tołkacz’s section from his Quid Pro Quo video. People like to moan about the state of modern bike riding, but one of the good things about the current age is how you can now easily access videos from far-flung locations that aren’t just sight-seeing tourist edits devised to sell grips. Getting a window into scenes in places like Croatia, Poland or Japan is pretty cool.

Andrew Schubert talked to Jeff Z about the recent TAIF video and riding in Vancouver. Anyone who hasn’t seen the video yet can do themselves a favour and download it here.

And finally… could probably do without having guns pulled on you whilst trying to ride, but Burnside does look pretty good.

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