Videodrome – Steven Hamilton


It might sound a bit naff, but it’s always interesting to hear what inspired the people who went on to inspire people.

What music did Prince listen to? What books did Faulkner read? Or, on a slightly more relevant subject for this here website, what riding videos did Steven Hamilton watch when he was young?

Whether he’s leaping over sizeable suburban chasms, forging forth into unknown front-wheel-based territory, or just cruising down the street in a crisp pair of shell-toes, Steven Hamilton has always seemingly excavated from an expansive quarry of influences.

With all this in mind, Central Library hassled Steven for thoughts on a few videos he was into in his formative years…

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Videodrome – Lord Leopold


In this informative and educational article, Croatian night-grinder and Huscija don-dada Lord Leopold takes us on a scenic stroll through the videos that got the most airtime when he was growing up…

“It was hard to decide which ones to mention so I decided to list those that I watched the most. These were all downloaded from Google Video, they took ages, and were all in the shittiest quality.”

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