Monthly Web Scour #6

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Not sure why these supposed ‘monthly’ articles always seem to go up halfway through the month, but here’s some more odds and ends harvested from the net. Cookie x-pegs shot courtesy of The Roops.

Cookie has plated up the final instalment of the Team 2 Street saga to serve it on the big ol’ buffet table known as the internet. Synth Di Strada is another feast of donated footage cultivated over the last fifteen years, all edited to the finest in synth-heavy Italo disco. Distilling a twenty minute video down to a few choice clips to write about always seems a bit cheap – but it’s probably worth knowing that around halfway through this masterpiece, Cookie grinds a handrail off the back of a flat-bed van with a fully Bic’d head and an Operation Desert Storm camo jacket.

The Melon/Slack video from a few years ago is also now up on the net, with sections from Mainy, Nev, Beats, Wozzy, Tommy C and Shanky. Tommy C does pretty much every rail configuration going, and Shanky proves he fully deserved that place on the Federal Bad Boy Street Team.

Deep Gulf II is the new one from Harrogate’s finest window-cleaner. Fathead and Jambul, the chalk and cheese of Yorkshire bike riding, share a section – there’s some high speed Wozzy clips in there too.

These quick snippets from 90East are pretty good. Not all footage on Instagram has to be filmed from fifty feet away.

Mopey music aside, there’s some pretty decent stuff in this new Act Like You Know edit.

Here’s a bit of writing from Bob Scerbo about an amazing photograph of… the back of Steven Hamilton’s head.

And here’s an interview with Dan Benson about the demise of The Albion. “Tim would come to the meetings wearing some really out there garms. Once he turned up looking like he’d just been hunting in full tweed. The next time, a full Adidas Tracksuit, shell toe Adidas trainers, a red flex fit and this huge, grey beard. Run DMC meets ZZ Top.”

Red Steps Issue 4 out soon. Hopefully.

Monthly Web Trawl #5


Bit of a quiet month for web-based curiosities – but here’s a couple of bits you may or may not have missed. Header photo – Mao Yuasa by Nick Ferreira.

Philadelphia has storm doors, Los Angeles has schoolyard picnic benches, and Japan has large, grey flat-banks next to high-speed railway lines. Here’s a video from Nick over at Challenger from a recent trip to the land of the rising sun, featuring people like Coleman Lopes, Tyler Rembold, Shanky and Sandy. There’s some photos from the trip here too.

On the subject of Japan – here’s a trailer for that Moto-Bunka video. Plenty of worldwide freeride in this – including a very brief snippet of Ralph Sinisi smacking his pegs on a windowsill.

Can’t imagine there were too many independently produced videos being made back in 1994. Tense Nervous Headache is an old one from Cheeky Monkey first released 25 years ago. Plenty of footage of ropey dirt jumps and dingy, asbestos-riddled indoor parks in here. Scroll over to the thirteen minute mark for a true masterclass in mini-ramp wizardry courtesy of NOTE main-man Splodge.

Here’s three minutes and fifty seven seconds of Steven Hamilton larking about.

And finally, the new Strangeways video is getting the full red carpet treatment this Friday at 19:30 at the Thirsty Scholar. Does the Feebler have any clips? Was Jambul reunited with his old friend Ali Bar Bar? And who spent their winter evenings welding brake mounts to an old pair of forks? Head on over to find out.

From the Archives: Tedd Nelson




Behind every great man is a great woman — but behind every great rider is a highly-skilled photographer crouched at the bottom of a set of stairs, suffering from back-ache after lugging a massive rucksack around all day.

In the case of the Standard army and the Base Brooklyn team back in the late 90s, that highly-skilled photographer was none other than Tedd Nelson.

Combining high-action fisheye shots, candid documentary photography and graphic design chops seldom seen in the world of 20-inch wheels, Tedd’s photos and adverts managed to achieve the near-impossible, and make riding look as good as it actually is.

Perhaps more importantly, he’s also a stand-up guy.

So without further rambling, here’s a few gems from his archives…

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Monthly Web Scour #4


You’ve probably already seen this by now, but for those who haven’t, here’s the new 90East video. 13 minutes of Boston street riding from the usual suspects, with some particularly soothing late-night lines from Jake Frost and 90East main-man Lino. Subaru-snap courtesy of Jake.

On a related subject, the new 90East gear is available right here.

Baltimore’s Andrew Mick has plated up another flavoursome buffet of toothpicks, concrete skateparks and freight trains to once again create a highly-watchable video —anyone with an iPhone (or any other high-powered pocket-device, for that matter) take note: these clips could easily have been dripped out onto Instagram one by one (and a fair few of them probably were), but they’re a lot more effective when they’re all served up together. This is probably a bit of a bold comparison, but Taxi Driver wouldn’t be anywhere near as potent if you just watched it in 8 second snippets on your phone.

This podcast-type-thing with Andrew is worth a listen too.

There’s seemingly more to Canada than Neil Young and that well-mannered Mountie from Due South. Fictional Finalism is the new video from Vancouver’s Andrew Schubert featuring some fairly bold riding from Scoutmaster Hango and co.

Challenger-man Nick Ferreira discusses printed matters courtesy of the newly-resurrected Defgrip site. Is riding set for another influx of articles about minimal design and angle-poise lamps? Who knows?

Never heard of Sam Chabert before and don’t think I’ve ever seen a video from New Orleans either (apart from Live and Let Die), so this two minute clip filmed down in the big easy kills two birds with one convenient stone.

And finally, here’s a video from Russia featuring that dope Screech look-a-like with the afro who always crops up on the ‘explore’ bit of Instagram.

Monthly Web Scour #3


Slightly later than planned run-down through stuff from last month here… but who’s keeping tabs anyway? Here’s some decent bits harvested from the web recently. Photo by Nic Gironda (I think).

At the top, the SAF video from 2013 (or 2012?), Searching Acronyms Forever, has made its way to the net. Standout bits include some bodacious Eric Schalles manoeuvres, Jason Byoun on two wheels and Jesse Susicke riding in a particularly comfortable looking body-warmer.

At least six years old, and as far as I can tell, one of the last DVDs to come out of New York. If anyone from NYC is reading this – stop schmoozing about at art gallery openings and rooftop parties, buy a real video camera and make something – it’s all on your doorstep.

After a bit of Vimeo-faffery due to some copyright issues – the second Flukelife DVD is back online. Obviously a bit irritating when the powers-that-be take videos down and demand songs to be removed, but the sound of bikes rattling around is infinitely better than any lawyer-friendly, 4Down-flavoured keyboard rock.

Following on the theme of ‘videos that were initially on a little round disc of shiny plastic now being on your computer too’, Bobby Skerbz has uploaded Skapegoat 11 from a few years back. Joe Rich zipping around the T1 ramp to the smooth sounds of Pearl Jam? It doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this…

And then there’s this gem from 1995Show Us Some Skills is an old one from James White featuring plenty of flatland wizardry and a full section of prime dreadlocked Dan Price. It’s probably a bit of a tired thing to say how “this part would still stand up today,” or something, but still, the holy trinity of athletic hop prowess, high-speed manuals and rapid-fire grinds grinds will always look good.

Meanwhile in Croatia – Lord Leopold and co continue to ride around town at night smacking their pegs into stuff.

Here’s a video of Fathead and Emerson Morgan dotting about on the red bricks of London. Over five minutes long – and not a touring car in sight.

This is a pretty good photograph.

And finally, here’s one for the podcast fans. Challenger-man Nick Ferreira talking about magazines and stuff. On a related subject, the new Challenger is available here.

An Interview with Tim Evans


This interview was first published in the third issue of Red Steps. The intro is a bit outdated now as Tim is now fully submerged in high-brow London living – but the rest remains true. Photos and interview by Sam…

Fresh-faced science fan Tim Evans has lived in the Greater Manchester region for around a year now.

Unlike a lot of flaky characters who dip in once or twice and then disappear in favour of Xbox Live and club drugs, Tim has slotted nicely into our regimented riding schedule and doesn’t seem to mind being dragged out for miles into the wilderness to look at minor bumps in the pavement.

As he packs up his humble possessions and prepares to head down to the slick, non-stick surfaces of London, I hassled him for his thoughts on riding and life and that sort of thing…

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Videodrome: Rahlin Rigsby


The ‘youth’ often get a bad rap when it comes to riding, but contrary to what various bitter old men would have you believe, you don’t have to have been raised on a diet of VHS tapes and OX Platinum tubing to earn the right to ride a bike… and there are plenty of riders born well after Domination was sent to the duplicators who are doing decent stuff.

Minnesota’s Rahlin Rigsby is one such rider. Whilst he’s still a year off being able to stroll into a bar and legally purchase a cool and refreshing bottle of Miller High Life, he already has a fine understanding of the time-honoured holy trinity of going to different cities, riding interesting spots and occasionally documenting the motions for something more than an eight second Instagram video (as can be witnessed here and here).

Here’s a few video parts he’s into. Wallride snap by Brandon Galosi.

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Monthly Web Scour #2


With April nearly over, here’s a few alright bits from across the wild frontier of the world-wide web. Tom O’Boyle fence-carve photo by Wozzy (as seen in this quick phone video that’s worth a watch).

First off, here’s a quick promo for the new Skapegoat video with appearances from Lino, Clarky, Edwin and Bob himself. On a side-note, are trailer run-times decreasing to comply with Instagram’s 60-second limit?

Plenty of picturesque wooden houses and back-alley rust in this new one from 90 East Connecticut-connection Sam Jones.

On the subject of 90 East, here’s an interview that Lino did with two hardened DVD hoarders.

Sitting down to watch a twenty minute Federal video might sound comparable to Chinese water torture – but this Epicly Later’d-esque King Hamilton vid is alright. This shorter video is decent too.

Seeing as we’ve just got a few copies of AMPM3 and Joey Piazza’s pre-AMPM video, Prototype, here’s one that a few people might not have seen. Various unused footage from 2008 until 2012 featuring clips from the usual suspects. Those Chris Johnsson clips are really something.

Not really sure what’s going on here, but if you can handle it then there’s a few decent Fathead clips hidden in this touring car video.

And finally, Snakebite have been uploading the parts from an old Dirt Bros video from 1994. Can’t really relate to anyone riding dusty drainage ditches in blazing sunshine, but there’s some pretty dope late-night flatland sessions, bold peg-pioneering and Primus-style attire in this Manuel De La Cruz part. Good song for all the Egyptians in the audience too… was Josh Stewart a secret Dirt Bros fan?

An Interview with James Newrick


Jim Newrick is one of life’s great thinkers.

Not only has he cracked the enigma-like codes of numerous bike-based manoeuvres once thought impossible, but he’s applied much mind-matter to the often slap-dash past-time of video-making, elevating the humble riding vid into the something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen watching.

He’s also dead tall and owns quite a few jackets.

Here’s an interview with him about his early days riding dirt jumps in Sunderland, loud kettles and the pitfalls of robotics…

Photos by Wozz, interview by Sam.

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