Videodrome – Lord Leopold


In this informative and educational article, Croatian night-grinder and Huscija don-dada Lord Leopold takes us on a scenic stroll through the videos that got the most airtime when he was growing up…

“It was hard to decide which ones to mention so I decided to list those that I watched the most. These were all downloaded from Google Video, they took ages, and were all in the shittiest quality.”

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An Interview with Loz Taylor


If you’re reading this then you may already know of the man named Loz Taylor. Maybe you bumped into him once whilst sheltering from a summer downpour in an NCP car-park or perhaps you once found him leafing through the contents of your wheelie bin in search of Mr Kipling Fondant Fancies and day-old pastry delights.

But who is the real Loz Taylor—the man behind the myth? What are his living arrangements? And how come he isn’t he allowed in the Co-Op anymore?

Read on for a few answers…

Interview and photos by Sam – originally printed in the second issue of Red Steps.

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From the Archives: Rob Dolecki


With modern developments in handheld communication devices meaning photographs can be snapped, uploaded and digitally ‘liked’ in a matter of seconds, quality levels have been forgotten in favour of lighter backpacks and healthy spines.

There are more riding photos knocking around than ever before, but when was the last time a truly sick photograph was scorched into your mind?

One man still putting the effort into taking decent riding photos is Rob Dolecki. Whilst most people happily settle for a badly timed snap sniped from fifty feet away on an iPhone, he’s rigging up flashes in back-alleys around the globe (and printing the results in his Maintain zine series).

In this article, he talks over some gems from his archives…

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