Monthly Web Scour #3


Slightly later than planned run-down through stuff from last month here… but who’s keeping tabs anyway? Here’s some decent bits harvested from the web recently. Photo by Nic Gironda (I think).

At the top, the SAF video from 2013 (or 2012?), Searching Acronyms Forever, has made its way to the net. Standout bits include some bodacious Eric Schalles manoeuvres, Jason Byoun on two wheels and Jesse Susicke riding in a particularly comfortable looking body-warmer.

At least six years old, and as far as I can tell, one of the last DVDs to come out of New York. If anyone from NYC is reading this – stop schmoozing about at art gallery openings and rooftop parties, buy a real video camera and make something – it’s all on your doorstep.

After a bit of Vimeo-faffery due to some copyright issues – the second Flukelife DVD is back online. Obviously a bit irritating when the powers-that-be take videos down and demand songs to be removed, but the sound of bikes rattling around is infinitely better than any lawyer-friendly, 4Down-flavoured keyboard rock.

Following on the theme of ‘videos that were initially on a little round disc of shiny plastic now being on your computer too’, Bobby Skerbz has uploaded Skapegoat 11 from a few years back. Joe Rich zipping around the T1 ramp to the smooth sounds of Pearl Jam? It doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this…

And then there’s this gem from 1995Show Us Some Skills is an old one from James White featuring plenty of flatland wizardry and a full section of prime dreadlocked Dan Price. It’s probably a bit of a tired thing to say how “this part would still stand up today,” or something, but still, the holy trinity of athletic hop prowess, high-speed manuals and rapid-fire grinds grinds will always look good.

Meanwhile in Croatia – Lord Leopold and co continue to ride around town at night smacking their pegs into stuff.

Here’s a video of Fathead and Emerson Morgan dotting about on the red bricks of London. Over five minutes long – and not a touring car in sight.

This is a pretty good photograph.

And finally, here’s one for the podcast fans. Challenger-man Nick Ferreira talking about magazines and stuff. On a related subject, the new Challenger is available here.

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