Monthly Web Scour #4


You’ve probably already seen this by now, but for those who haven’t, here’s the new 90East video. 13 minutes of Boston street riding from the usual suspects, with some particularly soothing late-night lines from Jake Frost and 90East main-man Lino. Subaru-snap courtesy of Jake.

On a related subject, the new 90East gear is available right here.

Baltimore’s Andrew Mick has plated up another flavoursome buffet of toothpicks, concrete skateparks and freight trains to once again create a highly-watchable video —anyone with an iPhone (or any other high-powered pocket-device, for that matter) take note: these clips could easily have been dripped out onto Instagram one by one (and a fair few of them probably were), but they’re a lot more effective when they’re all served up together. This is probably a bit of a bold comparison, but Taxi Driver wouldn’t be anywhere near as potent if you just watched it in 8 second snippets on your phone.

This podcast-type-thing with Andrew is worth a listen too.

There’s seemingly more to Canada than Neil Young and that well-mannered Mountie from Due South. Fictional Finalism is the new video from Vancouver’s Andrew Schubert featuring some fairly bold riding from Scoutmaster Hango and co.

Challenger-man Nick Ferreira discusses printed matters courtesy of the newly-resurrected Defgrip site. Is riding set for another influx of articles about minimal design and angle-poise lamps? Who knows?

Never heard of Sam Chabert before and don’t think I’ve ever seen a video from New Orleans either (apart from Live and Let Die), so this two minute clip filmed down in the big easy kills two birds with one convenient stone.

And finally, here’s a video from Russia featuring that dope Screech look-a-like with the afro who always crops up on the ‘explore’ bit of Instagram.

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