Monthly Web Scour #6

xupfondowounds (1)

Not sure why these supposed ‘monthly’ articles always seem to go up halfway through the month, but here’s some more odds and ends harvested from the net. Cookie x-pegs shot courtesy of The Roops.

Cookie has plated up the final instalment of the Team 2 Street saga to serve it on the big ol’ buffet table known as the internet. Synth Di Strada is another feast of donated footage cultivated over the last fifteen years, all edited to the finest in synth-heavy Italo disco. Distilling a twenty minute video down to a few choice clips to write about always seems a bit cheap – but it’s probably worth knowing that around halfway through this masterpiece, Cookie grinds a handrail off the back of a flat-bed van with a fully Bic’d head and an Operation Desert Storm camo jacket.

The Melon/Slack video from a few years ago is also now up on the net, with sections from Mainy, Nev, Beats, Wozzy, Tommy C and Shanky. Tommy C does pretty much every rail configuration going, and Shanky proves he fully deserved that place on the Federal Bad Boy Street Team.

Deep Gulf II is the new one from Harrogate’s finest window-cleaner. Fathead and Jambul, the chalk and cheese of Yorkshire bike riding, share a section – there’s some high speed Wozzy clips in there too.

These quick snippets from 90East are pretty good. Not all footage on Instagram has to be filmed from fifty feet away.

Mopey music aside, there’s some pretty decent stuff in this new Act Like You Know edit.

Here’s a bit of writing from Bob Scerbo about an amazing photograph of… the back of Steven Hamilton’s head.

And here’s an interview with Dan Benson about the demise of The Albion. “Tim would come to the meetings wearing some really out there garms. Once he turned up looking like he’d just been hunting in full tweed. The next time, a full Adidas Tracksuit, shell toe Adidas trainers, a red flex fit and this huge, grey beard. Run DMC meets ZZ Top.”

Red Steps Issue 4 out soon. Hopefully.

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