Monthly Web Trawl #5


Bit of a quiet month for web-based curiosities – but here’s a couple of bits you may or may not have missed. Header photo – Mao Yuasa by Nick Ferreira.

Philadelphia has storm doors, Los Angeles has schoolyard picnic benches, and Japan has large, grey flat-banks next to high-speed railway lines. Here’s a video from Nick over at Challenger from a recent trip to the land of the rising sun, featuring people like Coleman Lopes, Tyler Rembold, Shanky and Sandy. There’s some photos from the trip here too.

On the subject of Japan – here’s a trailer for that Moto-Bunka video. Plenty of worldwide freeride in this – including a very brief snippet of Ralph Sinisi smacking his pegs on a windowsill.

Can’t imagine there were too many independently produced videos being made back in 1994. Tense Nervous Headache is an old one from Cheeky Monkey first released 25 years ago. Plenty of footage of ropey dirt jumps and dingy, asbestos-riddled indoor parks in here. Scroll over to the thirteen minute mark for a true masterclass in mini-ramp wizardry courtesy of NOTE main-man Splodge.

Here’s three minutes and fifty seven seconds of Steven Hamilton larking about.

And finally, the new Strangeways video is getting the full red carpet treatment this Friday at 19:30 at the Thirsty Scholar. Does the Feebler have any clips? Was Jambul reunited with his old friend Ali Bar Bar? And who spent their winter evenings welding brake mounts to an old pair of forks? Head on over to find out.

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