Bob Scerbo’s Top Ten Videos


Most people will have probably seen that Skapegoat main-man Bob Scerbo has been putting his trusty iPod Touch to good use lately, waxing lyrical about his favourite videos over on his Instagram, but for archive purposes… here’s all of his thoughtful posts cobbled together into one article.

It probably seems like complete twisted logic (or a strange sign of the times) to publish social media posts after the fact onto a website, but considering Central Library is pretty much built on twisted logic (and a love of old videos), it seemed a shame to let Bob’s wise words quickly get lost in the muck and mire of zany memes and smug breakfasts.

So without further rambling, here’s his list. Photo courtesy of Wozzy.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 16.38.21

10 – A Few Good Men on Bikes

There was a dude in my neighborhood who sold stolen bikes out of his garage. You could get a frame for $5. It was a life saver when you are 14 trying to learn grinds. He had gotten a copy of this video and let George and I watch it. I had never seen a bike video before but I was already riding pretty seriously.

The second it started I was blown away. Crazy intro to a Ministry song. Luc-e doing tailwhips to a 4 Non Blondes song. Tool, 2pac, Helmet, The Pixies, Quicksand. The video had all this crazy music. It was also my introduction to the riders that were going to be my heroes although at the time I had no idea who they were and just assumed they were all from Chicago. I did not know half of them lived an hour west of me. Taj, Mike Griffin, Joe Rich, Paul Osicka, Friemuth, Moliterno, Joe Hurlbert all had parts. It was also the first time I ever saw a handrail and not just heard it was possible.

Marco Massei made this and I believe shortly after he and Chris Rye sort of merged Chicago and Wisconsin and Props Visual was born. This ripped copy is the only copy I have ever owned, I never got my hands on an original.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 16.38.41

9 – Glote

I am only a street rider by default. I wanted to just be a bike rider but there was nothing anywhere near where I grew up. I sort of just accepted street riding as a means. I saw a sequence of Gonz doing a barspin over an upside down bike and couldn’t believe it. It was how we rode in a sense. I read a review for this video and had to see it. One of the few videos I ever actually bought as a kid.

The lay out and music were weird but I loved it. I didn’t understand the flatland but still enjoyed watching waiting for Gonz to pop back in. The shit he does in here is light years ahead of its time. I don’t want to get too specific because I am hoping a few people will track one down and watch it.

On a personal note Gonz, Ells and Ratboy all stayed with me in Jersey a few years later and were all great. If this was a video part thing and not about full videos, Ratboy in Shutdown would easily make this list. So ahead of his time. All street riding currently looks like what he was doing, and I think that sort of came from Gonz in this video.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 16.41.34

8 – UGP Face Value

I was already a UGP guy. Hoodies, hats, shin pads etc. so it was a no brainer I was gonna like this one. The editing was far superior to other videos and the line up was insane. Luc-e riding to Gangstarr May just be the best editing of all time. It was my intro to Agent Orange as well who soon became one of my all-time favorite bands, and watching Rob Nolli to it was perfect. It’s a nice video with a chill vibe and then Sabbath starts playing and Taj is walking up a flight of stairs and you just knew it was about to go down. There is a scene in the Sopranos where Tony beats up a young goon in front of everyone for no reason just in case people thought he was getting soft and that is what I felt Taj did to us normal riders. He was already the King and then this just solidified it in case anyone forgot. Nothing was safe from him. The streets, trails even Woodward get the treatment. Kip Williamson is one of the best editors of all time starting with “Express Yourself” but this was his best work. His videos were the reason my videos always contained weird samples.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 16.41.48

7 – 1201

I acquired this through Timmy Martin and I believe before that George Priester. That was how videos worked back then. I can truly say I have never pedalled to the jumps that fast after my first viewing. It was a crazy look into the underground I had only briefly read about in tread. Technically the industry was apparently “dead” but 1201 shined a weird light on things. Riding was alive and well.

The footage of Wilbur in this video is by far some of the best street riding ever performed. I had read about him but to see it in motion was insane. The other obvious stand out was Groundchuck. Watching him ride was absolutely mind blowing. The vibe this video presented was everything riding needed at the time and it also put me on to a lot of cool underground punk stuff. Straight classic.

Everyone involved in this went on to do much more but this will always be the groundwork. Tag and Stew were both heavily responsible for me working in BMX years later and I can never thank them enough for that. I could watch this today and smile.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 16.41.59

6 – FBM Albert Street

I work at a music venue. It’s the kind of job where sometimes you stay after and talk shit with your co workers ’til late. One of our production people who does not ride is obsessed with this video, he used to watch it at parties as a kid. He could not believe I am in it briefly. This is one of the few BMX videos that ever had that quality to it. It is somehow entertaining to anyone.

FBM was always sick but it all sort of led up to this moment. Perfect timing. It’s short, fast and raw. Perfect combination of riding and antics, it never seemed like they were trying too hard or anything like that, you could tell these dudes were just naturally wild. As much as I like video parts I equally love montage style videos, everyone is in this thing from Chris Hallman to Dave Mirra. It was a perfect underground representation of the time.

The last section is so insane. Ralph’s roller coaster rail, Corrigan’s bottom side ice and of course the ender with Tag doing that gap to rail straight into a clip of FBM in fire on a lawn. The more people focus on killing themselves for a video part the more I appreciate this video. Riding for the hell of it and documenting it along the way. I believe this easily the most watchable video of all time and it never gets old.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 10.11.55

5 – T-1 You Get What You Get

The anticipation for this started in a little blurb after Road Fools 1 claiming Joe and Taj had a new company. It was instantly my favorite company without ever even seeing a logo. Normally a new offering starts pumping out content to gain attention but T-1 didn’t. It just kind of crept in with interesting art direction and a ridiculous team.

This video is half based around a world trip and half life around the T-1 ramp and America. The editing was far different than other videos at the time and it captured a vibe no other tour type video ever has. It some of the only Paul Buchanan footage in existence and the Garret Byrnes and Ruben stuff is still some of my favorite riding ever. Of course Joe and Taj is always priceless and Elf holds it down for the streets.

More than on a riding level this video had a direct influence on my editing, I was pretty new to it and the unconventional lay out showed that their are a lot of ways to put together a video. This is the only video of the 2000’s that made this little list.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 10.12.07

4 – S&M BMX Inferno

I may have grown up in Standard Country technically but I always rode S&M. Even ended up riding for them and making their video eventually. This video is absolutely perfect all the way through. The soundtrack, filming, editing and riding are some of the best work ever done.

Timmy Ball riding to Joni Mitchell is a major standout, he is my all time favorite trail rider. Also my introduction to the Fids, Mike Griffin’s best part, Ian Morris riding to Circle Jerks, Mike Occoboc’s ender section to a Devo song. It was all perfect, fast paced, no slow motion (rare for a Parrick video) and Parrick’s quick couple clips are classic.

When all was said and done though there was one part that forever changed street riding and it was Castillo. Still my favorite video part to this day. Amazing song, long lines, great spot use. First clip involves a manual 180? I was so confused that was possible. This part was insanely ahead of its time and out of nowhere there was a new king of the streets. This list is about “influence” so this is number 4 but if this were about favorite videos to watch it would be number 1. I still watch it to this day.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 10.12.17

3 – Dirty Deeds

I faked being sick in High School to make sure I was home for this one to get delivered. Jeff Z told me this was the one to see if I was interested in videos. Complete life changer. The few videos I had seen before this just could not compare.

Dave Parrick instantly became my favorite rider of all time, he still holds that title to this day. I immediately wanted to be Mike Griffin down to the khakis and Airwalk Series one’s. Sonic Youth cd’s were purchased as well. Seeing BF in action was mind blowing, Keith Treanor was from North Bergen and I could not believe it. Castillo’s couple clips were sort of a glimpse into the future. John Povah riding to a Pennywise song and introducing me to the downside icepick.

Everything about this video was groundbreaking but obviously there was a standout….Mike Escamilla. Street Riding took a major step forward the day this was released and it reached a level my 14 year old brain could not comprehend. Luckily for the fans Mike never slowed down and still continues to kill it but what he did in here made history. Of course Parrick killed it with filming and editing because that is what he does.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 10.12.26

2 – Ride On

This video strictly happened out of a necessity and came out before I started riding. I had no idea when I got into this way of life that BMX was in a down time, I was lucky to be a part of the rebirth. This dude Rob I grew up with had a copy of this and Head First and let me borrow them. I watched the shit out of them religiously as a kid.

The intro of this video alone is the greatest BMX cinema of all time, the message is more relevant now than it has ever been. Ride at all costs and fuck everyone else. The video itself has everything a video should have, great riding, great music, amazing filming and master editing. Eddie Roman is truly the only person who could make something look professional and not lose the raw aspect.

Everything in here is monumental and is some of the only true history that exists in our corner of the world. It all leads up to the last part too, as any great film does. To this day I can’t hear “KYEO” by Fugazi and not get chills. Sometimes it comes on at my job and I wish I could explain to someone the significance. This video is truly a masterpiece.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 10.12.35

1 – Trash

As if there was any doubt to what number 1 would be. This may have technically been a company video but it felt like a crew. If Nowhere Fast is And Justice for All this was Kill ‘Em All. That is my all time favorite Metallica record, I like the raw shit.

I saw Dirty Deeds first but when Jeff Z got this video my life changed. Ed Koening was instantly a life time favorite. 2 Helmet songs? Eben Krackau? Insane. Sheps riding to Fu-Schnickens was nuts, Steve-o with Cypress Hill. It was crazy. I was already a Parrick fan and this part just solidified it further he was the greatest living street rider.

Like most videos though at the end of the day it came down to progress. The Gute completely changed the game forever. 2 Pantera songs and just full of the wildest riding ever done. Lee Sultimier as well, dude was straight up on another level. The intro to this video is still the best, that song kills me every time.

This is the best video of all time and I can say that without question. Everything that ever happens can be traced back to this video. I currently live in Austin and I imagine this is subconsciously a huge reason why. My street bible.

Read an old interview with Bob here.


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