Videodrome: Tim Evans


From the bionic stall-tech of Chris Souter to the pallet hoppin’ prowess of Big Jimmy Nesquik, the brick ledge pastures of England’s north eastern zones have reared some fine street riding pedigree over the years. Peterlee’s Tim Evans continues that tradition — icepick grinding his way into countless video productions across the nation over the last few years with an el classico, gimmick-free approach to riding.

Here’s some video parts he’s into…

A bit of background before I get into this – I clocked into BMX in 2007 at the ripe age of 15. Being from a small town I didn’t really have any points of reference to what I should be doing other than googling ‘BMX’. This was probably around the time the web video was starting to come into play, and I was yet to realise there were VHS or DVDs that existed that could blow my rather young brains out.

Luckily, I did eventually find the RideUS website and Ride UK website/magazine, and then my curious brain started to wonder if people rode BMX in the north east, and that’s where the BMX journey began – Streetphire. I caught the downward slope of this website for long enough to discover some real gems, and even managed to buy some Primo Kamikaze forks off a lad from Scotland on the infamous Streetphire message board.

I’ve tried to choose some videos across the board that left an impression on me in one way or another.

Dan Cox – Tomorrow We Work

I think I saw this video on Streetphire a couple of years after I’d started riding, and I still watch it probably every couple of weeks even now. If this doesn’t make you want to buy a pair of black 501s I don’t know what will. It also features one of my favourite barspin clips, if I was a High Fidelity list-making kinda guy I’d definitely have it on there. I’m not telling you which one though.

But nevertheless, by the time I’d seen this I’d already seen Karl Poynter doing freecoaster stuff and wasn’t arsed. But after watching this it suddenly became the reason why I definitely needed one, but also why I should never ever get one – the football chant “there’s only one Dan Cox” springs to mind.


Owain Clegg – Roundabout Tour (file not found – stand-in photo by Ricky Adam)

I think I might’ve found this video on Pinkbike (a mountain bike forum type website with a small BMX section), either way I thought it was mint. I think it was also my introduction to Stereophonics though I never did delve deeper than this absolute tune.

Standout footage includes a very clean looking Silksworth skatepark that I was yet to realise was actually in Sunderland not far from my house, as well as the suicide no hander and the downside double peg.

Grey Haven

I’d seen the early trailers for this video whilst spending my first year living in Newcastle and I’m actually inadvertently in the background of one of Jim’s clips. I’d been living there about 7 or 8 months at the time and me mate (who was a Newcastle local) took me to the now defunct OG wasteland where I got introduced to Tom Bright (of Dry Spell fame) and the rest of the gang.

Fast forward to the end of the following summer and I’d discovered the underground Tumblr network (pre-Instagram) where I saw a flyer for the Grey Haven premiere. This was the first premiere I’d ever attended, where we were shown the first Team2Street video followed by Grey Haven. Fast forward again a few months and thanks again to Tumblr I found out physical copies were being sold in CycleCentre.

I could’ve chosen any of the North East scene videos, but this one pips the rest as it made me realise that not everything made its way on to the internet for everyone to see, I felt like I was part of a secret club. I’m not even sure if its on the ‘net now, but nevertheless it got me hooked to try and find other gems.

Theo Simpson – Fashion

No idea how I found this, I suspect it was from typing ‘United BMX’ into Youtube and finding his Don’t Matter part and wondering if any other footage existed of him. Personal favourite points for this video is that he goes through no pegs, one front peg and two pegs, all phases that I’d (embarrassingly?) gone through before realising that obviously two pegs trump all. As well as the numerous whips to the frame reminding me that they will ALWAYS be accepted.

Jeff Kocsis – QSS 3 Foreign and Domestic

Quite a powerful opening clip followed through with more understated moves set to a bloody lovely opening song. I remember Googling for days after watching this trying to download the first song and eventually just had to give up — one reason I watch it now is just to listen to the song.

He also wears some pretty distinctive coloured t-shirts, which makes me wonder how many clips he filmed each day. Was he on borrowed time? Who knows.

Get a copy of Tim’s new zine here.

Read an old interview with Tim here.

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