Videodrome: Phil Bossmeyer

At a time when complex algorithms feed us clip-after-clip of zappy kids in zany attire zipping around damp prefab skateparks, it’s important to remember that out there in the real world, people dressed in regular clothing are making full-length videos that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about being caught watching.

The City Wide Awake, a recent release from Louisville’s Phil Bossmeyer, is one such video. Documenting a few years of zig-zagging across the USA, it’s a most relaxing watch—and the perfect visual sorbet to cleanse the palate after a few minutes of shameful Instagram lurking.

Here’s some video parts that mean something to Phil. Wall carve photo by Chris Zidek.

Ryan Metro – Faded Glory(for some reason Vimeo wouldn’t let us embed this video – but you can watch it here if you wish).

I believe Faded Glory came out in 2003. At this time I was 15 years old, the Dave Armstrong Louisville Extreme Park had just opened up the year prior and Metal Bikes/Shitluck were in full swing—as was the scene here in Louisville.

The video featured hometown legends such as Metro, Derek Gabbert, Mike Lausman and Jimmy Levan handling hometown setups, and getting to see clips of photos I stared at in the pages of DIG—all during a time when you could show up to the skatepark and see any or all of these guys completely destroying—made it a huge influence for me. Particularly Metro’s part for a few reasons…

At a time before anyone in my crew was old enough to drive, it was always a treat to see him ride in person when our crew’s paths would cross in the south end of Louisville. True raw talent and effortless original style. The ability to ride anything. He was always cool to a younger generation—he would hook us up with Metal/Shitluck stickers and share spots. It really bridged the gap for me as a younger rider to a world I knew was going on in my hometown but often found out about from magazines and Props issues.

Steven Hamilton – Can I Eat?

I think we all know the reach that this video and all the other Animal videos have had on street riding but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this one. Progressive, original, fast riding to the upbeat stylings of the Violent Femmes in perfect pegless balance with the rest of the video. I was blown away the first time I watched and it still gets me hyped today.

Hate House Homies – NSF 3 Day In Day Out 17:40 minutes in

I found the NSF videos in the early days of surfing youtube for BMX videos in my mom’s basement. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of the lifestyles/times represented in this section but I always liked to believe it was the result of a crew who rode and lived together during a time when riding being a top priority was a luxury afforded. I love the soundtrack and the feel. Nothing over the top riding/editing wise. Just solid early 2000s English street riding.

Chase Dehart – Shook Put In Werk

This part imprinted on me a less-is-more approach when it comes to riding and/or filming. Simple spot usage and good style have always appealed to me and I still try to emulate aspects of this part today, as I am still admittedly a product of the slammed-race-seat generation largely thanks to parts like this and the Lotek Mixtape era.

Seb Labbe – Lo Def

Relaxed, confident style, extremely tasteful spot usage and perfect execution. A very easy to watch/motivating sample of east coast skating. I have been a big fan of all Jeremy Elkin works since discovering them.

The filming/editing/format and overall feel of this part and Elkin’s other videos have had a big effect on my approach to editing/filming videos. The approach, seeming to be just filming with friends and making something once enough time has passed or enough footage builds up that it organically feels like the right time to wrap it up. Not necessarily the ‘full length’ method but more of a mixtape with some full parts. An approach I believe lends itself to achieving a ‘documentation of the times’ feel as opposed to the traditional ‘full length’. If you’re into this part I would suggest checking out the rest of the video and Elkins other joints such as Poisonous Products and The Brodies. A few 15-20 min watches. Perfect for putting on before heading out for a pedal.

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